Optimization of Human Capital, supporting ICT entrepreneurs, start-ups, and
middle-sized companies to acquire and engage the talent they need to grow.

Human Capital Optimization

Optimize your company’s talent acquisition and human management processes.

Grow fast without hassle. Attract and retain talent with the right company branding, recruiting channels, and on-boarding and career development plans. Victorressens analyzes your needs to prepare and implement the best human capital optimization strategy, including talent acquisition and training for strategic HR positions to ensure an enduring implementation. Plus, you get the right choice of KPIs to monitor performance, sustain quality, and establish continuous improvement and change management plans.

Public Relations and Marketing

Boost your company’s online and offline presence.

Are you making the most out of your outreach channels? Victorressens develops and implement a strategic plan to make your website, social media profiles and connections tell a story that aligns with your business strategy.

Career Advice and Personal Branding

Get expert advice on job market situation and the right channels to strengthen your professional network.

Based on your value proposition Victorressens outlines a personal development plan with guidance on courses, trainings, certifications, and events that would create a strong profile and solid connections.

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